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The invention of Synthol opened a new page in the history of bodybuilding. This drug has managed to solve a number of problems of bodybuilders, now they are able to get the missing proportions and add volume to undeveloped muscles. Indeed, Synthol's invention stands in line with the invention of Testosterone, Insulin, and Growth Hormone. It was used to locally increase the volume of muscles, to give them necessary shape. There are several components in composition of synthol : 85% - oil (medium chain triglycerides 8-12 carbon atoms), 7.5% - lidocaine (for local anesthesia), 7.5% - benzyl alcohol (as a preservative), the exact formula of synthol is lurking and kept by Chris Clark in the strictest secrecy.

The volume of muscles in which synthol is administered has increased due to the dosage of the administered drug, the muscles stretch inside the fascia and after the Synthol has gradually disintegrated for several months the vacant space between the fascia is overgrown with new muscle fibers. The mechanism of muscle fiber hyperplasia has not been fully understood, but according to one theory the dense tissue of the muscle fascia greatly restricts muscle cells from the procession and appearance of new cells, so when the fascia stretches the body perceives free space in muscle as an impetus to fill it immediately. 

The use of synthol for intramuscular injection is a complex process, but it is worth noting that 99% of top professional bodybuilders use synthol for increasing hard-to-grow muscles. 

The effect of using synthol is very individual and depends on each individual organism. The speed of hyperplasia varies from person to person but it has been proved by experience that after two months after the injection is canceled all that you have left in the muscle is exclusively new muscle fibers. 

Side effects of synthol

When using syntol intramuscularly you should be wary of the following side effects and complications

  • inflammatory diseases (when not observing the conditions of sterility)
  • nerve damage during the injection. Therefore, with the appearance of sharp painful sensations you should stop the administration of the drug and repeat the injection in a few days.
  • fat embolism (when a needle enters a blood vessel and subsequent administration of synthol into it, a blockage of the vessels of the lungs, brain and as a consequence an ischemic stroke or a pulmonary infarction is possible). It is necessary to pull the plunger of the syringe before administrating the drug and make sure that there is no blood in the needle In the bloodstream.
  • the use of synthol complicates the process of strength training (due to excessive muscle swelling). In practice the muscles become so large that their training becomes inadequate. Therefore, it is necessary to administer Synthol after workout and carefully massage the injection site.
  • the effect of synthol on the muscles of the same athlete may not be the same (for example, it can differently increase the volume of the right and left biceps, even if introduced into identical areas, to the same depth and in the same volume) Therefore, in practice, small dosages are used and the drug is administered along the entire length of the muscle. The rule "less is better" is perfect when administering synthol. 

It should be understood that Syntol is not a magic tool and can not substitute for full training, nutrition and rest. Considering all the pros and cons of syntol professional athletes try to use it with extreme caution. Chris Clark himself claims that it is his Synthol composition that does not have side effects and all the unpleasant cases associated with the use of synthol are primarily due to the use of cheap synthol substitutes or by frank fakes of the original Synthol from Chris Clark.

Synthol is not an anabolic drug developed by the German chemist-bodybuilder Chris Clark in the early nineties of the last century. It is patented under the name "PUMP`N POSE SYNTHOSIZZE HP". It is positioned on the market as - oil for pose.

Buy Synthol

Our site cooperates with the official representatives of Chris Clark in CIS and  EU( This means that we can guarantee the quality and the excellent price for the drug. Each vial of the drug is assigned a unique sixteen-digit key. It is located on the lid under the protective layer. By this code you can check the authenticity of Synthol on the site of the manufacturer

You can purchase synthol on the store EZHI.SHOP:

  • buy synthol online;
  • order synthol by e-mail.

Delivery in Moscow - by courier, in the regions and all over the world - by the EMC transport company or by the Post of Russia 1st class, self picking is possible.

Buy Original Synthol

The network has a lot of controversy about what kind of Synthole is better, which is original. Our company believes that the best synthol is Pump-n-Pous (also known as Synthosizze 3.0) from Chris Clark. There are a number of objective reasons for this:

  1. The drug is developed by a professional chemist and sportsmen in one person.
  2. The production is conducted in Germany.
  3. The formula is so good that it is constantly faking.
  4. On the basis of the latest technologies there is a constant improvement of the drug. To date, the third regeneration is already on the market - Synthosizze 3.0.
  5. The product has a protection system that minimizes the likelihood of counterfeiting.

In fact, the advantages of Synthosizze 3.0 can be listed for a long time, but as they say: "IA picture is worth a thousand words." So let's see what Chris Clark himself says about it.

Price for Synthol

Synthol is not a cheap drug but its use is extremely necessary for a professional athlete. It is necessary to pay for achievements in the quality of the prize-winner. We don't advise you to administer cheap oils or use fake synthol.

ATTENTION: Synthol is officially presented as a cosmetic "oil for posing" that's how it goes through customs registration, certification for a cosmetic product is not required. This product is intended for professional bodybuilders and can not replace a complete workout, training schedule and diet. It is recommended to comply with safety measures and apply synthol competently under the guidance of professionals.


I administer it regulary, not the first year and during the time of its administration there wasn't any problems! Very useful pack for storing! I strongly don't recommend it to be administered by those people who want to grow a biceps without leaving the house and thus having weight of 70 kg, there is no sense to administer the drug in a bone! My body weight is 100+ kg so I can administer it in any muscle with a full needle insertion! In addition I want to add: do not trust pictures from the Internet concerning the consequences of synthol if you do everything competently and under observation of the knowing person you will get the colossal volume of muscles without any negative consequences!Thanks to the website for perfect goods!
Greetings to all! I want to share with you my impressions on Synthol! The first thing I want to stress is delivery, if you order using Russian post so delivery in this case will be long, I used ems service and the goods reached me in 3-4 working days. As for the quality of the drug: I used it on my behalf in the process of preparation for the competitions and I was really satisfied with the result, and I have other drugs to compare it with them!
You have MI delivery, yes??
I've been administering Synthol for a month, painless injections, 1 cm in my biceps, I'll continue to use it, so we'll see the result
Guys, if you want to purchase Synthol, do it only here. I will not present you flow of satisfaction. It's simple. Find a video with Chris Clark, where he advertises exactly this particular synthol, with the address of this company on the vial.
I've been administering quality synthol for a long time, my biceps reached an incredible size of 53 cm. It really works, holy cow!
Damn, it even looks good and dignified
100 ml. per 1 vial
How much ml per 1 vial?
Of course, we guarantee that Synthol is original.
For more information, you can contact the official website of Chris Clark's representative in Russia:
Accordingly, you can write them and find out about our store as well.

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