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Rastan — growth hormone of the Russian production: democratic price, as well as the purity of the drug has long made it popular in sportsmen's circles. Initially, Rastan is designed to treat abnormalities in the growth of children, improve the structure of bone tissue or treat kidney function in adults.

Growth hormone is somatropin, a substance originally present in the human body.  Rastan cycle leads to  increase of body weight, in particular:

  • Bone metabolism is activated, leading to an improvement in mineral composition, strengthening and growth of bone tissue;
  • The growth of muscle tissue, as well as the destruction of unwanted fat depots, is activated;
  • Renewal and growth of liver cells, adrenal, thyroid and genital organs;
  • Increased physical endurance.

The drug is supplied in the form of a powder, which is diluted before the injection with the solvent included in the kit. Injections are administered subcutaneously, with alternating injection sites.

Price for Rastan

The price for Rastan cycle is much lower than for the analogues - the drug is produced in Ufa (Russia) from Russian components. As a well-known store we guarantee the best prices and fast delivery of your purchase all over the world.

Purchase Rastan

Purchasing Rastan in pharmacy, like almost all effective GH,  is impossible without a doctor's prescription, but you can buy it in our online store. Working directly with Pharmstandard - Ufa Vitamin Plant which is a manufacturer of Rastan, we guarantee the authenticity of the drug, as well as the actual shelf life - the drug can be stored for up to 2 years if kept in a special temperature warehouse.


The drug has a number of possible side effects which can not be predicted. The exceptional majority of athletes who have completed the Rastan cycle speak of it as a quality growth hormone which gives significant results.

Some note the manifestation of mild allergic reactions, nausea, as well as lipotrophy of the injection area - it is recommended to follow the exact dosages prescribed in the instruction.


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