Peptide TB-500 is a relatively new drug that is actively used in sports and medicine. What effects will be achieved from its application and how to use it?

TB-500 is a peptide and is actively used in the medical field and in the field of weightlifting. Medicine uses the drug as a means of regenerating after injury, burns and heart disease. In Sports it is used for recovery after exercise, it also improves stamina and strength. TB-500 - is an artificially synthesized natural peptide temozin beta 4. It has been found in all cells of the human body.

ТB-500 peptide effects

  • Increases the speed of recovery of muscle tissue, skin, joints and ligaments;
  • improves joint mobility;
  • improves muscle stretching;
  • increases testosterone and luteinizing hormone;
  • It is an anti-inflammatory agent;
  • strengthens and restores the central nervous system;
  • strengthens and restores the heart and blood vessels;
  • improves immunity.

ТB-500 positive qualities

The drug is widely used in medicine, in addition, it is used in veterinary medicine (such as doping for horses). This tool is based on thymosin beta 4 has successfully passed all the clinical and laboratory tests, while these studies have shown that TB-500 is safe and effective. Possible side effects during the application of peptide were not detected.

An important a drug dignity - it is practically not recognizable on the doping test, because this peptide is one hundred percent nonmedicamentous. This is a huge advantage actively used by athletes participating in the competition.

ТВ-500 course

  • TB-500 is sold in powder form, which means that you will need to prepare a solution. For this purpose use any of the above items:
  • bactericidal water;
  • special water for injections;
  • saline solution (the most profitable option, lasts longer and is exposed to freezing, after which does not lose properties).

Terms of preparation of the solution:

  1. The liquid temperature should be room temperature.
  2. Do not pour liquid directly onto the powder, let it flow down along the wall;
  3. Do not shake the vial, interfere with calm in a circular motion.

There are only two phases of the course - loading phase and maintenance phase.

ТB-500 application and dosages

First phase: for the first week the dosage is two milligrams per day, the remaining five weeks the injections are performed twice a week for two and a half milligrams per injection.

Second phase: two milligrams every six days during one month.

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