Sermorelin - what is it? Properties of of the drug, what effect it has on the human body? How to apply the substance by athletes?

Sermorelin is a peptide and included in the group of peptides, growth hormone secretagogues. Used in medicine and sports. Optional name of the drug - GHRF. Sermorelin constitutes of amino acids that act on the pituitary gland resulting in the active secretion of GH.

Sermorelin effects

  • promotes the synthesis of GH;
  • causes muscle growth;
  • improves muscle definition;
  • burns fat;
  • rejuvenates the skin and the organism as a whole;
  • increases the tone of the organism;
  • improves the immune system;
  • strengthens bones and muscles;
  • protects liver from harmful effects;
  • improves heart and blood vessels.

Advantages of Sermorelin

The peptide structure makes it softer and more secure. That is why it is widely used in medicine, it is prescribed for children with growth problems.

The drug greatly affects the production of insulin-like growth factor and growth hormone that promotes rapid development and regeneration of body tissues. Sermorelin also speeds up metabolism.

Side effects are completely excluded in compliance with the dosage and correct administration of the drug.

Sermorelin course

Sermorelin course can be of two types: solo or in combination with other drugs (example is shown below).

Do not abuse the drug and lightly combine it with others. Observe the sterility and safety during use.

How to prepare a solution for injection? Follow the rules:

  1. Warm the vial in a dark place of room temperature;
  2. Let some air in it;
  3. Do not pour any liquid directly on the powder, it should flow down the walls;
  4. Do not shake the solution.

The liquid injection may be adjusted at your own discretion it can be a special water for injections or bactericidal water or saline. Liquid will not lose its properties for three weeks. Keep it in a refrigerator.

Application and dosage of Sermorelin

If you use the drug solo you will be required to calculate the drug. Apply sermorelin _ one, two or three times a day (in the morning before eating, after exercise and before bedtime). The dosage is calculated by the formula: one microgram per kilogram of body weight.

You can combine the drug with the peptide GHRP group. For example, a hundred, two hundred micrograms of Sermorelin + hundred micrograms of Ipamorelin daily. Such an approach will make your course as effective as possible.

 Ipamorelin and Selank are also very popular.

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