Peptide Selank is a new tool in the field of medicine and sports. How the drug affects the body, what are the benefits? How to apply it?

Selank is a relatively recently synthesized peptide. It is actively used in medicine and sports. It is often used to treat neurological disorders. The drug is equally recommended for people of any age and sex with different specialization. The peptide increases the attention and improves coordination, it is adjacent to the nerve cell membrane receptors and thus affects the СNS

Selank effects

  • Increases resistance to stress;
  • decreases stress, as well as the emergence of anxiety and fear;
  • getting better memory and attention;
  • drug has adaptogenic properties;
  • reduces fatigue of the psyche;
  • restores mental performance;
  • increases the physical performance.

Advantages of Selank

Selank surpasses competitors in speed and efficiency of effect on the central nervous system. Selank mostly favorable affects the brain activity, stabilize processes. It also provides Wegetotropona impact. The drug is suitable to each "individual": stimulates mentally healthy people and, on the contrary, calms those who have problems.

Known side effects of the drug are mostly fictitious and not confirmed by clinical trials. When used properly, the side effects are excluded, besides it does not develop addiction and does not cause allergies.

Application and dosage of Selank

Do not exceed the indicated dosage! Use caution when combining Selank with other drugs . Preparation of the solution and execution of injections should be monitored by the standards of safety and sterility. Execute injections using insulin injection syringe subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

How to prepare the solution? Follow the rules:

  1. 1 vial with powder should be of room temperature;
  2. Let some air into the vial;
  3. Let the liquid flow over the edge, do not pour it into powder;
  4. Do not shake the vial.

You can buy a liquid solution at pharmacy, let it be a special water for injections or bactericidal water or saline. The solution maintains the properties for three weeks. Store it in a refrigerator.

The dosage is easy to be chosen:  one or two micrograms per kilogram of body weight (your gender is not important). This means that the injection is from fifty to three hundred micrograms. Make two or three injections a day.

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