MGF is a variant of IGF and is formed and after physical activity or receiving anabolic steroids, hyperthermia. Also called mechanical growth factor.

This drug causes the muscle cell division, temporarily staying dormant, due to activation of receptors that accelerates muscle growth and increases recovery. The effect resembles a growth hormone, but does not strengthen bones. Most elderly patients with dystrophic muscle mass lose weight because of the decrease in the synthesis of MGF-Peg MGF.

PegMGF effects

Is reliably known that the mechanical growth factor is much more effective for younger individuals. Increasing age reduces muscle response to the introduction of the drug.

5 week course of Peg MGF causes such effects in bodybuilding as:

  • • muscle growth due to the acceleration of cell division;
  • • an increase in cell volume, a significant prolongation of life;
  • • decrease in the percentage of body fat by 5-6%;
  • • significant increase in endurance;
  • • increased vascularity;
  • • increased prominence of muscles;
  • • increase in the growth of new blood vessels in muscles, bones.

Positive qualities of MGF-PegMGF

Here are the main positive qualities of the Peg MGF course:

  • improving of immunity;
  • stimulating bone marrow cells to multiply;
  • body is more quickly restored;
  • decreases the level of cholesterol;
  • Protection of the nervous system is increased;
  • heart function is preserved even after a myocardial infarction;
  • regeneration of all tissues.

Methods of application of PegMGF and its dosages

Peg MGF peptide is still undergoing clinical trials, but a lot of bodybuilders in the West use this drug to speed up muscle growth.

The optimal regimen is as follows: The average daily dose of Peg-MGF - 100-200 g, take it 2 or 3 times a week and it is recommended to administer the drug before starting an exercise. It is proved that the increase of said dosage does not lead to a marked improvement in results. MGF is administered subcutaneously using a standard insulin syringe. Sometimes the injection can be performed in the target muscles, but scientists believe that this approach is devoid of any meaning. Course duration of this drug is up to 6 weeks.

Important! Nonpeged forms of MGF-Peg MGF are not recommended due to extremely weak effect, such a drug is destroyed in the first few minutes.

See also Melanotan and PT-141.

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