Ipamorelin effect on the human body. What positive effects  this drug has and how to apply it by athletes?

Ipamorelin is a peptide synthesized to stimulate growth hormone (GH). This drug helps to increase muscle mass, improves muscle definition and has a fat-burning effect. Today ipamorelin is at the last stage of clinical trials ( the impact of the peptide on the female body is being researched). The structure and effect of the drug promotes the active synthesis of GH.

Ipamorelin effects

  • leads to the activation of GH;
  • promotes muscle growth;
  • increases the muscle definition;
  • rejuvenates the skin and the organism as a whole;
  • improves the immune system;
  • makes muscles and bones stronger;
  • stimulates tissue regeneration.

Ipamorelin positive qualities

The drug differs from a number of analogs that it not only stimulates the GR expulsion but also preserves it at high level for a long period and causes its jumps in a certain time of day. Ipamorelin also suppresses somatostatin which blocks growth hormone synthesis.

In addition, the drug is able to simulate ghrelin, ie it increases the athlete healthy appetite, but does not cause bouts of hunger. This feature allows you to gain weight faster, while the drug is fat-burning, and therefore the mass is gained only "clean" without fat.

Ipamorelin in any dosages doesn't accumulate cortisol and prolactin in organism. The correct application of the drug is absolutely safe for the organism. But even excess of the specified dosages causes only such side effects as: water retention in the organism and feeling of minor fatigue.

Methods of application and dosages of Ipamorelin

Application of Ipamorelin should be careful. Observe safety and sterility. Avoid the excess of dosages.

Terms for solution for injections:

  1. Vial should be of room temperature;
  2. Let some air into the vial;
  3. Fluid must flow along the walls rather than to flow onto the powder;
  4. Do not shake the vial, stir the solution with light circular movements.

Pick up solution for liquid at your own discretion. This may be bactericidal or saline water. Remember that a solution of this drug must not be frozen.

Dosage is calculated simply - one microgram substance per kilogram of body weight. Apply ipamorelin two or three times day half an hour before a meal.

Pay your attention to TB-500 and Sermorelin.

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