Role of insulin-like growth factor IGF-1

The most basic thing to understandis that insulin-like growth factor has no effect on the specific strength performance of the athlete. It only allows muscles to grow actively but without increasing the strength indicators. The product is ideal for age athletes who need to keep in shape.

What is this?

IGF-1 is a biologically active protein generated in liver and muscles. Its main task - to be an important endocrine mediator of growth hormone (somatotropin).                                                                                            Peptide has anabolic effect and is a kind of starting point for muscle hyperplasia. IGF1 is a single stranded polypeptide which consists of seventy amino acids . The hormone is remarkably able to bind with receptors , and this can be attributed to a mixed biological activity.

IGF-1 effects

  • Hyperplasia of muscle fibers;
  • Has a pronounced fat burning indicators;
  • Makes mistakes in the diet, in particular low-calorie food, a lack of protein, and excess of carbohydrates;
  • Does not affect the increase in strength performance;
  • Effectively works with properly chosen training program;
  • It is better to stimulate muscle growth, together with other drugs.

Use of insulin-like growth hormone of the first base sample is appropriate for mature athletes.

Positive features of IGF-1

The drug is actively promotes fat burning. At the same time, you can avoid some mistakes in the diet. Emphasis should be given to food proteins and carbohydrates. Even if the protein is insufficient and carbohydrates are in excess, the drug can "work" under such conditions. When using IGF-1 the muscle definition is significantly expressed and muscle growth is accelerated.

The athlete who chose the IGF-1 for muscle growth should immediately understand that strength indicators will not improve. Therefore permissible is to use the drug in conjunction with other drugs that have the appropriate pharmacological effects. The benefits of using the drug on functioning of the cardiovascular system is proved. IGF-1 increases the life expectancy of the elderly people.

IGF-1 course

The drug should not be taken daily. It is introduced only in the days of training before training and after it or once. Training schedule should be such that the injection performed from two to four times a week.

Methods of administration and dosages of IGF-1

The drug need be administered locally or systemically in muscle or fat roll. Administration should be made no more and no less than one hundred micrograms per day. Excessive dosage can cause side effects and the lack of preparation will not give the expected results.

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