Peptide AICAR is the amide conjugate nucleoside and closest analogue of adenosine. This is an intermediate product of inosine monophosphate - AMPK agonist. Its generic name in international circles - akadezin. AICAR is manufactured by Chinese company St Biotechnology Co which is known among athletes by its quality peptide production.

This drug belongs to gene doping, ie, by the action of this substance it is very different from the usual doping. The difference is that gene doping in the first place affects the genes that cause useful improvements, eg. Muscle development, increase in athletic performance and endurance, increase efficiency, etc. So this drug is the perfect choice for athletes track and field, fighters.

AICAR effects

Here are the most significant effects manifested in sports by AICAR:

  • strengthening the effective metabolism;
  • preservation of muscles at a high tone;
  • maintain fitness, even without training;
  • retention of muscle mass;
  • increase of general endurance.

AICAR positive qualities

Besides increasing physical performance, AICAR helps the transformation of fat into energy. This combination makes the drug AICAR an important cutting component for athletes.

AICAR is useful for people who, because of the current state of health or because of a simple lack of time, do not engage in regular exercise.

An important positive quality of AICAR: lack of tranquilizing and any psychoactive properties, it does not cause any physical or psychological addiction.

It should also be noted that AICAR peptide presumably developed for use in the operations of coronary-artery bypass grafting in the crown for the prevention of reperfusion. AICAR is currently used to treat lymphoblastic leukemia, diabetes, etc..

Application of AICAR and its dosages

AICAR dosage regimen depends on the situation. AICAR is administered in the form of intramuscular or subcutaneous injections.  If no regular exercise the optimal single dose is100 mg and administered every other day. Length of course is maximum 30 days.

If regular exercise AICAR is recommended to be administered with greater frequency, but in much smaller doses of 15-20 mg daily. Course of application  is 30 days. Then you should make a break in a few months and after it the administration of AICAR can be repeated. But it is not recommended to perform more than 3 courses per year.

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