The peptide ACE 031 is the newest tool group of myostatin blockers. Learn about the features and benefits of the peptide, its application in bodybuilding and dosages.

The peptide ACE 031 due to its chemical structure contributes to blocking of myostatin, thereby increasing indicators of strength and accelerates gain of muscle. Clinical trials of a new peptide are still ongoing but we can already say with certainty about its high efficiency.

ACE 031 peptide effects.

Among the many effects of the drug should be noted the main ones:

  • Begins to work immediately after administration in the organism;
  • Improves performance of the athlete strength;
  • Increases efficiency;
  • Accelerates the bulking of muscle mass;
  • Has good fat-burning effect;
  • gained mass is deprived of fat and liquid.

Positive qualities of ACE 031 peptide.

A large number of clinical trials of the drug has already been conducted and we can draw conclusions based on these results. Similarly, it is proved that the peptide ACE 031 well-tolerated by human body and is completely safe at the indicated doses. Side effects were not observed and can be caused only by individual characteristics of the organism.

The drug stimulates great muscle growth. Thus during testing of the peptide, used at 1 microgram per kilogram of body weight of the athlete, the subjects were able to increase muscle mass by more than five percent. It was also noted strengthening effect of ACE 031 to the bone tissue.

Application of ACE 031 peptide and its dosage.

The application of the drug does not cause difficulties. It should be noted that an athlete should know how to properly dilute before use. For these purposes, sterile injectable or bactericidal water can be be used as well as sodium chloride solution, better known under the name physiological saline.

Course duration of ACE 031 is ten days, after which a pause of similar duration is required. The optimum dose is 1 to 3 micrograms per kilogram of body weight of the athlete. Peptide should be administered once during the day and it is better in the morning just after waking up or in the evening before going to bed.

Start with the lowest dose so as to determine the body's response to the drug. It should be noted that even the minimum dose promote muscle growth.Do not exceed recommended dosage.

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