Melonatan is a peptide that causes the synthesis of melanin. What are the other properties of this drug ? Are there any side effects? How to use it?

Melanotan-2 is a peptide and analog of its natural melanocortin, which stimulates melanin synthesis . Developed drug is also considered an aphrodisiac and helps to treat sexual dysfunction.

Metolanan was initially developed as a means against skin cancer. First there were difficulties associated with rapid half-life of the natural peptide, but scientists have solved this problem by stabilizing the resistance of the molecular structure. These developments made it possible to develope an artificial peptide melanocortin, which is stronger and more efficient than a natural one for about a thousand times.

Melanotan peptide effects

  • uniform and beautiful tan that lasts a long time;
  • reduction of hunger;
  • burns fat mass;
  • improves erection;
  • increases libido.

Melanotan peptide advantages

Clinical studies have proven the high efficacy of the drug, it has passed three stages of testing, and successfully passed them all. His two main properties (tan and increased libido) have been repeatedly confirmed. But the side effects are just unconfirmed. There were many rumors around the drug including that it causes tumors and lowers the immune system, but studies have refuted these assumptions.

Melanotan peptide course

The drug is highly effective. But be very careful in taking the drug, a strong excess of the specified dosage can result in serious consequences, including:

  • pain throughout the body;
  • muscle damage;
  • kidney and heart problems.

If you find the above symptoms to suspend the application!

Avoid untested combination with other substances. Take action to comply with safety and sterility during the injection. Execute injections using insulin syringe.

How to prepare a solution? The rules are simple:

  1. 1 vial with powder should be of room temperature;
  2. Let some air into the vial;
  3. Let the liquid flow over the edge, do not pour it into powder;
  4. Do not shake the vial.

You can buy a liquid solution at pharmacy, let it be a special water for injections or bactericidal water or saline. The solution maintains the properties for three weeks. Store it in a refrigerator.

Application and dosage of melanotan peptide

This drug makes it possible not to calculate the ratio of micrograms to weight, so it is easy to use. Commit one injection every day for one milligram. The drug should be administered for about fifteen to twenty days.

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