Peptide Follistatin-344, currently applied in bodybuilding for prompt muscle growth, is particularly popular. Learn about the benefits and features of the drug, the recommended dosage.

Carrying out repeated experiments on laboratory mice aimed at the study of muscle growth has helped scientists to discover a substance in the follicular fluid. Its administration allowed to improve the muscle tissue degeneration and cause it to increase. Further consolidation of experiments on the effect of the peptide on monkeys has created a revolutionary drug.

What is Follistatin-344

Follistatin-344 is an autocrine glycoprotein that can be formed in almost all tissues of the body. The drug blocks the effects of growth differentiation factor and encoded by the same name FST gene . This peptide which is based on linking and active isolated protein derived from follicular substance.

Follistatin-344 effects

  • Real increase of athletic performance;
  • Increase/suppression of appetite ;
  • Fat burning by accelerating the metabolism;
  • Restoration of forces and performance of the athlete;
  • Rapid growth of muscle mass.

The drug is well applied in sports and medical applications for rapid muscle growth and fight against dystrophy.

Positive qualities of Follistatin-344

Empirically proven that this peptide blocks the action of myostatin, which may adversely affect the formation of muscle mass even with a balanced diet. Myostatin promotes the formation of fatty tissue in the body because follistatin is vitally important.

Peptide derived from the follicular substance promotes cell rejuvenation. The growth of lean muscle mass while using the drug may be increased up to nine kilograms per month, which is incomparable with the effect of other peptides. The muscle shredding is observed, visually increasing muscle relief, which are subjected to stress during drug administration.

Follistatin-344 course

For those who are actively involved in sports, the recommended course of treatment is ten days. After that a break for thirty days should be followed, then - re-take the drug with a ten-day course.

In some cases, in order to gain muscle mass more quickly , follistatin may be received with one-week break between the ten-day course. A decision on the possibility of administering the drug is taken by the trainer of the athlete. The substance does not appear on the doping control. It is recommended to be used to increase power performance in powerlifting.

Methods of administration and dosages Follistatin-344

For those who are actively involved in sports, the drug is administered as a subcutaneous injection of 100 micrograms per day. If the break between the ten-day course duration is a week, you shouldn't increase the dose. Conserved dosage is 100 mg per day. To fix the effect of the drug it is recommended to additionally administer the growth hormone.

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