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Manufacturer SANDOZ
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You can purchase Omnitrope at a bargain price in the online store EZHI.SHOP. Omnitrope is artificially synthesized growth hormone by Sandoz production of which is carried out in Austria. The effect of this somatotropin is completely similar to that of growth hormone produced in the human body. The results of its effect are:

  • increase in muscle mass and decrease in body fat mass;
  • improving fat and carbohydrate metabolism;
  • maintenance of water and mineral metabolism (delay sodium in the body, potassium and phosphorus);
  • increase in muscle strength and physical endurance;
  • stimulation of bone metabolism.


You can purchase Omnitrope in several ways.

  1. Call the hotline 8-800-775-98-79 (call-free in Russia).
  2. Request a call back, indicating the number to which you will be able to contact our managers.
  3. Place an order directly on the site, placing the necessary items in the basket. It is possible to "order in 1-click" (without registration).
  4. Send a letter with the order by e-mail
  5. Contact via the feedback form (found in the "Contacts" section on the website).

All growth hormones which can be purchased at our online store were obtained directly from the manufacturers. During transport and storage in compliance with all the necessary conditions.

We are confident in the quality of products sold, so we offer an unprecedented action. If after a course of the drug purchased from us, you do not get the expected results, we will refund the full cost. All you need to do is to present a documentary evidence of the ineffectiveness of the selected growth hormone (the result of the test passed).

Omnitrope instruction

Depending on the purpose for which the drug was purchased the instructions for administration of Omnitropу is slightly different.

  • Cutting phase (shredding). Start a course administring 5 IU daily. If after several days any side effects are not revealed you may continue the course of administering the drug in the same amount (5 IU) but twice a day. Course duration - 3-6 months. Omnitrop should be administered one hour before a meal. To enhance the action it is recommended to administer 25 mcg of thyroxine daily.
  • Fat burning. Dosage of Omnitrope is the same as for cutting phase. Also added thyroxine three times daily in doses of 35-65 mg. For greater effect it can be combined with clenbuterol or ephedrine.
  • Bulking. Omnitropу is administered the same way as for cutting phase. But you should combine it in this case  with AS. Such steroids as testosterone enanthate (250-500 mg per week), boldenone (400 mg weekly) or Sustanon (250-500 mg per week) are the most suitable. AS is taken only in the first two months of the course.

Reviews of Omnitrope

On the Internet (in particular on our website), you can find a lot of positive feedback about Omnitrope left both by professional athletes and ordinary people seeking to lose weight and gain the necessary form.

Buy Omnitrope at EZHI.SHOP company and ensure its effectiveness!

Only been on this product for about a month. Very subtle changes, but I feel like this product is really working. I am very satisfied and the price is amazing.
I start with delivery, delivered to another city in a thermobox with ice, everything came in the best possible form. I'm very satisfied with HGH, no water retention, its work is really felt. After a few weeks of administration I decided to pass the test for STH level, i administered 3ME and was really satisfied with the result.
Hello, Admin. Could you send me an e-mail? I live in Latvia in the city of Riga. Can you send me growth hormone by post here and what exact HGH do you recommend me to purchase?
Really Austrian quality, no side effects, the cheapest growth hormone of European production. I recommend it to everyone.
Omnitrope is the same as in the pharmacy, I specifically tested it.
We treat a child, the doctor recommended this hormone.
The pharmacy sells it more expensive, so your price alerted me at first, but the store provided all the documents and certificates for omnitrope, so my special thanks to you, we'll offer again.

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