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Melanotan 2 Spray

Reference melanotan-2-spray
Manufacturer HUBIO
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Melanotan 2 tanning spray

Melanotan 2 spray is a cosmetic product that stimulates the natural increase in the body's production of melanin. Melanin is the principal determinant of skin color in humans, brown pigment which becomes darker in appearance rather than red when exposed to UV rays. Users of this drug mark that tan develops gradually with minimal exposure to the sun. This is especially useful for fair-skinned people who believe that they can not sunbathe or just spend time in the sun, however, excellent cosmetic tanning results thanks to the spray Melanotan 2 are available for all skin types.

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Melanotan 2 is a clear and watery odorless solution. Melanotan 2 spray was designed for those who are afraid of needles since childhood. You now do not need to fiddle with syringes, water for injections, diluted it all, measure and the like. Just one flick of the wrist and you will get the necessary dosage of Melanotan 2 spray. The peptide is available in vials for nasal applications and in its appearance it can be compared with drops in the nose, but it's not about runny nose. Used to achieve the desired tanning color, protects the skin from harmful UV rays and sunburns.

There is nothing easier than to use this drug! Most people use sprays from running nose then the dosage regimen is the same, just spray several times in each nostril of the nose. Namely, if you weigh 100 kg or close to that we increase the number of injections to 4 in each nostril, if you weigh less then two or three injections at a time into each nostril will be enough. Do not forget to go to solarium, it will be enough just a couple of visits per week! For best results it is recommended to use Melanotan 2 spray at least fifteen days. Vial is enough for 20 days! To maintain the effect usually take 2 vials.

Feedback of Melanotan 2 Spray:

Melanotan satisfied all its users. Those who have used injectables celebrated a little more impact. To date, the difference is not so much because production plant for our application began to produce a more concentrated spray.

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Purchasing this product means to buy a beautiful tan.

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You can pick up your order by yourself at a convenient time for you, near the metro station Proletarskaya absolutely free! There is also a courier delivery of peptides in Moscow for 300 rubles. For residents of regions and other countries we send immediately after payment for the goods within 24 hours by first-class mail.

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