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Ipamorelin 5mg

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Ipamorelin is a novel peptide for muscle building in bodybuilding and throughout the sporting world in general. Growth hormone which is released from Ipamorelin is powerful enough and this peptide helps to build muscle and burn excess fat.

As recently on the marketIpamorelin is still being studied. In the study of its effects on the body and how it works, it was found that the drug affects the set of weight and fat loss. So far, it is believed that its effect on muscle growth are positive. When Ipamorelin peptide produces growth hormone, it goes directly to the muscle to support its increasing development. The researchers also found that Ipamorelin does not reduce the natural production of HGH in your body.

Ipamorelin dosage and side effects

The average dosage is 200 - 300 mg per one injection, and we repeat that this is a single dosage. Ipamorelin seems to be the future drug for athletes and bodybuilders but also it has possible side effects such as headaches. It is best to start ipamorelina course with a low dose and gradually increase it to the optimum. Ipamorelin peptide is desirable to administer 30 minutes before your workout.

Ipamorelin course

Solo ipamorelin 5mg is administered rarely better manifests itself in combination ipamorelin + cjc 1295 and the two peptides are administered at the same time during the course.

Purchase Ipamorelin 

It is possible to purchase Ipamorelin in Moscow on Ezhi Biz online-store. Call: 8 800 775-98-79 and say the right amount of vials of the peptide. You can also leave your request at the post office:

Now it is very easy to run into a low-quality product. The peptide market is more and more filled with counterfeit drugs, peptides or of dubious quality. We recommend that you purchase goods from approved suppliers. From our side we guarantee to deliver peptides and the original production of high quality!

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