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Reference HUTROPE 40 IU
Manufacturer HubioPharm Co., LTD
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What is Hutrope growth hormone?

Composition and packaging.

This growth hormone may be in two forms: in liquid form and lyophilic.

Liofil is in a vial of 40 IU + a bottle of bactericidal water of 4 ml.

Main ingredient: somatropin.
Excipients: mannitol, glycine, phenol, sodium phosphate.One package contains a blister with 1 bottle of GH (40 IU) + 1 vial of solvent.

After dilution, the bottle can be storaged in refrigerator for up to 30 days as it contains in its composition a preservative called phenol + bactericidal water for dilution is included. Permissible protein opalesentsiya (not completely clear solution) as Hutrope contains  in its composition an antibacterial ingredient that prolongs the life of growth hormone. By comparison, the same Jintropin after dilution can be storaged 14 days.

HGH or pharmacokinetics if speaking scientifically

Brief instructions on how to donate blood to the GH level. Wake up, administer 10 IU of HGH Hutrope and 3.5 hours go to donate blood (4 hours will pass until you reach medical center  and until you donate blood, 4 hours is ideal). Prior to injection and after 4 hours you shouldn't eat, drink, smoke e.t.c. for a more accurate measurement results. Even if all the conditions are observed, not all people with the donation of blood fall into the peak GH release in the body. And the same person at donation of the same growth hormone can have different indicators. When measuring the GH level in ng / ml the average indicator is between 18 ng / ml to 35 ng / ml. If translated in customary mIU / ml we obtain from 54 mIU / ml to 105 mIU / ml respectively.
This wide range of GH level is normal (ie, the weight of all people is different, and the organism as a whole..), If we take the official instruction of Genotropin (section pharmacokinetics), we will see: about 80% is absorbed by subcutaneous administration. Cmax - 13-35 ng / ml. T1 / 2 - 20-25 minutes after i / v and 3.6 hours after subcutaneous administration.

BUY Hutrope HGH

New Hutrope growth hormone has appeared on the market of HGH relatively recently. After the test of this GH on famous athletes, who understand how the drug works or not, we decided to put this product on the shelves of our store.If you have any doubt about the product, we recommend that you simply buy Hutrope on trial, to conduct the necessary studies (at least everyone can donate blood for GH level) and make the necessary conclusions for oneself. 342/5000 For our part we guarantee the transparency of the experiments, a vial of HUTROPE was selected at random from a large batch and sent for analysis. Are you sure you can also choose any vial of your order and sent for analysis to the contents in the vial and the degree of purification (the analysis is not as expensive as it may seem).
Those who want to purchase HUTROPE from regions can not worry about integrity and product quality in the course of transportation. We deliver very quickly across around the world in special thermoboxes and with icepacks.  For all questions address by phone 8-800-775-98-79 to managers of shop or on e-mail:

Safety system

The company approached the safety system more than seriously. On each packaging there is a sticker with a unique code which is checked on the website of the HubioPharm company. It is the Chinese pharmaceutical company having the main production capacities in China which main office is in Hong Kong. The Hubiofarm cooperates with many pharmaceutical companies worldwide including pharm production in Russia. Main slogan of the HubioPharm company: Quality is a basis for development of the company!


If to complete a full-fledged course of Hutrope for 3-6 months then the result will surpass all your expectations. People who have tried this new growth hormone noted very fast effect of Hutrope  in comparison with analogs. In the first days increase in mood is felt, dream becomes much better. Approximately in 1.5-2 months of use of hormone there is an inclusion on "the whole nine yards": combustion of subcutaneous fat, the increased working capacity in the hall, development of qualitative muscle bulk, and also rapid growth of hair and nails.

We will present the results of chemical researches in Silverfarm laboratory of two pharmaceutical hormones and growth hormone HUTROPE. So before buying growth hormone in our shop, we recommend you to get acquainted with results of researches (each analysis is the reference according to which it is possible to download result of researches it is enough to click and therefore to download).


Growth hormone works, it is not inferior to analogs.
I was given ordinary syringes for dilution of the vial - it's very convenient.
I really had difficulties with the insulin syringe.
It is inconvenient to dilute the vial with an insulin syringe (
My 3 month cycle has passed, I am very pleased with this drug. The previous experience was with Jintropin, also a 3-month cycle. The results are similar, but Jin is more expensive and I had an allergic reaction to it at the injection sites. There were no allergic reactions with Hutrop. The main result was the reduction of the fat layer, the improvement of the muscular definition and the improvement of the strength indicators. I did not pass any tests.
The second month of administration, the hormone is perfect, no water retention, it really makes me shredded. Dosages should not be higher than recommednded ones.
I received today the result of the analysis on the growth hormone from the use of this hormone.
The injection was done at 6:30 in the morning, the blood was given at 10:30.
Of course, everything is done on an empty stomach.
The result of the analysis showed figures of 20.780 ng / ml
Laboratory Citylab. I'm happy with the result, purchase this hormone and you won't regret.
I've administered 10 IU in the stomach subcutaneous, my weight is 75kg (I understand that the dosage does not match my weight), but according to the forums information everyone is administering 10IU for passing STH level test. After 3 hours the test showed 25 ng / ml at Invitro laboratory, then after 2 hours I passed the test at CMD laboratory (5 hours after the injection) and the test showed 55 mIU / ml, this is about 18.3 ng/ml. I administered in the morning on an empty stomach and I hadn't eat anything since late evening until the test. So everything is working. I've showed the results of the analyzes to the administration of this site.
I took it for a test, then I bought it for my whole cycle. It has been 40 days and the drug is working really, fat is burning and I'm getting shredded. I've administered 5IUs in the morning and now increased the dosage to 8IUs, 2*4IUs. So, it will be necessary to purchase more. Knowledgeable people say that the characteristic side effect of HGH takes place, so it already works. I have this side effect, insignificant water retention in the morning and a tunnel syndrom. Plus also the price. As for the European market - it's expensive there and it seems that the price in Russia will increase soon. I haven't passed any tests, I can notice absence of inspissations and allergic reactions from injections.
Andrew, for an objective analysis of blood on the STH level we advice you to administer 10IUs intramuscularly in the morning on an empty stomach (for example, 5IUs in the shoulders) and give a blood after 4 hours.
I do not know whether it's good hormone or not, i've been administering it 5 days for 4IUs a day and passed my tests on the first day in the morning 4 hours after the injection on an empty stomach and it showed 3.09 ng / ml. And after 5 days I passed my test again 3 hours after the injection on an empty stomach and the result showed 3.73 ng / ml. I thought it would be better. Decide whether it's good or not. But at the this moment I'm not happy with it. Let's see when I start administering another vial and pass my test again.
Yes, the hormone is good. I decided to start with 5IUs a day and then increased up to 10IUs a day. The third week goes with 5IUs a day and I don't want to increase the dosage up to 10IUs. Last time I tried Hygetropine in another store, heaven and earth. Here I decided to immediately buy a cycle, they made me a discount, so that in comparison with Hygetropine it's much more expensive but the quality is better. In general, try it by yourself, I like it very much. Thank you.

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