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Reference HUTROPE_100_IU
Manufacturer HubioPharm Co., LTD
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Composition and packaging

HGH is directly in liquid form.

The package contains 2 vials of 5 ml each. Each vial contains 50 IU GH.

Main ingredient: somatropin.

Buffer: sodium phosphate, glycine, phenol.

Also in each box there is an instruction to the drug.

Before using any growth hormone, we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor before that and pass the necessary tests.

You definitely can not administer growth hormone if you have:

  • diabetes;
  • Prader-Willi syndrome;
  • heart problems (or if there was an operation on the heart);
  • active tumors (the tumor must be removed from the body before starting a course of growth hormone).

Purchase Hutrope growth hormone

On our site 2 versions of Hutrope are sold. Lyophilic version is more resistant to delivery over long distances. For example, if someone wants to buy hormone hutrope from abroad  we will offer it in lyophilic version so that people can get a quality product in a working condition. As for the liquid version then there is a big plus cuz it is easy to use (no need to attenuate and make unnecessary movements as in the case of lyophilic version), you just need to take a vial, make a little twist in your hands and take the desired dosage. For purchasing hutrope growth hormone in our store just call us on the phone: 8 800 775-98-79 (in Russia toll free), or place your order online.

HGH or pharmacokinetics if speaking scientifically

For more accurate analysis, it is desirable to administer 10 IU i/m and donate blood 4 hours after injection. For example, set the alarm for 5-6 in the morning, wake up and administer 10 units and lie down (or sleep) for an hour or two, depending on how far you are from the clinic taking blood tests. We give such recommendation not to starve yourself for such a long time (after an injection for more objective result of the analysis it is prohibited to eat food until you have taken a blood test). Even if you have followed all instructions it's not garanteed that you get to the peak of growth hormone release. Because even in Genotropin  instructions it's written that peak can be reached in the range from 3 to 6 hours after injection.

Storage conditions

Shelf life of the drug is 2 years in a refrigerator. After opening the vial can be used for a month, but also be sure to store it in refrigerator. Before each use you need to gradually roll the vial for 10-15 seconds.



Many people feel the effect of the growth hormone hutrope  in the first days of use. In the opinion of customers 5 units of this hormone replace 10-15 IU of Hygetropin! So it means that Hygetropin is fake or something else, but if you take an average of 6,000 rubles per pack of Hygetropin it is advantageous to take the course of really working hutrope. This hormone actually works so as it's real GH. It was also marked in, especially by the weaker sex, that it has a pronounced anti-aging effect, ie, people get younger and lose weight rapidly.


I administered this hormone for the first time. I took a long time to decide, because there are a lot of fakes in the market and the main question was where to buy high-quality growth hormone. I wrote to Arthur Belous who made things as clear as a bell, told and gave recommendations on everything I asked. I am very satisfied with the hormone, it really works. I administered three units per day in total. I can tell for sure that I will order it again and apply only to Arthur )))
It helps you well in training, you recover better, you get shredded without even keeping a diet, I'm completely satisfied
Use it in my on-season preparation. It works very well.
I want to thank you for the quality products, fast delivery, everything came in a thermobox, with a cold, well packed, generally at its best! Special thanks to Arthur Belous for the discount and competent advice)))!
I administer HGH 3IU per day (I do not advise you to increase the dosage, it starts to reduce my hands). I'm satisfied with the result. I recover after hard training much faster.
I leave feedback. I write for the first time. This is really a quality growth hormone, I checked the codes on the site. I administered 5IUs per day, got shredded very well, I plan to become slightly dehydrated and can go on stage!)
The liquid version of the growth hormone Hutrope and as for the quality it is exactly the same as the lyophilic version.
I have a friend interested. The liquid growth hormone is of the same quality as the lyophilic one?
I administer lyophilic one and I like it. And my friend got used to the lyophilic one, so he wants to try the liquid hutrope. I recommended this hormone to him.

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