What types of growth hormone releasing peptides are there?

What types of growth hormone releasing peptides are there?

A group of peptides that promote growth hormone release are known in medicine as growth hormone releasing peptides.

Growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRH). Peptides (GHRH) create a pulse of growth hormone release:

GRF (144) - half-life is less than 5-10 minutes; GRF (1-29, also known as Sermorelin - half-life is less than 5-10 minutes; Modified GRF (1-29) or CJC-1295 without DAC – half-life is at least 30 minutes; CJC 1295 DAC (with DAC) - half-life is measured in days: from 8 days. 

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Let’s consider GHRP peptides product line:

Ipamorelin is a potent peptide, although the weakest growth hormone releaser. Ipamorelin does not increase cortisol or prolactin at any dose.
GHRP-6 is very potent growth hormone releaser. It does not influence the level of cortisol or prolactin up to a 100mcg dose, but does so above 100mcg.
GHRP-2 is slightly more potent than GHRP-6. It also has a stronger effect on the hormones at all dosing levels rising to a high normal range for cortisol and prolactin.
Hexarelin is the strongest peptide. It creates the strongest pulse of growth hormone release compared to the others of GHRP group. But It also has the highest potential to increase cortisol and prolactin.  

In case of a long-term treatment without break of the same GHRP group peptides, the loss of growth hormone releasing receptors sensitivity is expectable. 

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Ipamorelin, as well as GHRP-6, do not affect sensitivity  unless taken with intervals of not less than 3 hours.

Research shows that GHRP-2 doesn’t affect sensitivity  in low dosage and without short breaks. Yet hasn’t been fully examined, although possible that high dosage of GHRP-2 can lead to a certain sensitivity reduction.  

Hexarelin has been proved to reduce receptive body qualities non-dependent on a dose and even if taken with intervals. Such an effect shows up after 20 days of continuous treatment. Although it can be prevented by reducing the dose towards the end of course or by alternating 2 weeks courses with another peptides (for example, Ipamorelin).

How much of releasing peptide-like growth hormone (GHRH) should be used?

The majority of studies prove that the saturation dose is defined as 100 mcg or 1 mcg/kg.

For how long can I use peptides (GHRH)?

According to the majority of studies, using releasing peptides (GHRH) during 4-8 weeks and 4 weeks pause doesn’t cause any negative side effects.

For how long GHRP should be used?

Definitely, the saturation dose of peptides (GHRP) causing growth hormone release is defined, on average, as 100 mcg or 1 mcg/1 kg. In case of Hexarelin keep 1 mcg/1 kg dose. For Ipamorelin a dose of 1 to 3 mcg per 1 kg of body mass may be used (starting from low dose and gradually increasing it up to 3 mcg). However, if 100% percent quality peptides are considered, then several times dose increase will not lead to better results. Generally speaking, you may round your dose up to 100 or 150 mcg. Such dose will fully saturate your receptors. Although if you add another 100 mcg, only a half of them will be effective. Adding another 100 mcg will result in only 25% of effectiveness. That is why 100 mcg is a recommended saturation dose, but you may add some more (up to 300-400 mcg) and get a slightly better result). The dose of 500 mcg will probably be as effective as 400 mcg one, and even 300 mcg.

Additional problems with higher dosages (higher than 300 mcg) are cortisol/prolactin increase that may be considered as side-effects of peptides.

Where to order peptides?

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GHRP-6 (100 mcg) doesn’t increase prolactin/cortisol, although may do it at higher doses. The increase will still fall into the normal  range. Without any risks of desensitization (reduction or loss of excessive sensitivity to the second administration). 

Administer 3-4 times a day at a 100 mcg dose. At this case GHRP-2 is more effective. Although the saturation dose of 100 mcg and higher may lead to a slight increase of cortisol/prolactin (up to the moderate level). This increase still falls into the normal range. However , a dose of 200-400 mcg may exceed the normal range. If you administer the medication several times a day. It won’t cause any sensitivity loss.

Hexarelin is generally a better growth hormone releaser. But you should consider the fact that Hexarelin has the highest potential to increase the cortisol/prolactin level. That may happen even at a 100 mcg dose and grow and higher doses. 

If a desensitization is precipitated by any type of GHRP, you should stop your treatment, take a break and try to replace your medication with another of the same product line.

How to check the originality of the growth hormone?

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