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First of all, we would like to briefly explain what Protein is. Protein is a dry powdery blend with a high concentration of high-quality protein nutrient. It is completely innocuous. Those who consider it to be harmful for health are simply anaware of the basics of sports nutrition, as well as of the sports itself. Protein can be purchased on our website. If you`ve got no time to order via the website, please, call us +7 (926) 697 70 15 and inform us of the product and delivery option.

Nowadays buying Protein at a low price in Moscow is real. Thee daily dose of Protein varies between 2-3 g per 1kg of weight of an athlete.

On website you are able to buy different types of Protein: serumal, multicomponent, casein, egg and soy Protein.

The product line will expand, so, please, follow our updates.

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