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Reference jintropin
Manufacturer GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., LTD
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Why it's worth to buy Jintropin of all growth hormones present in the market? The answer to this question you will be able to read in this article. Also you will learn about the properties of this remarkable preparation and methods of its administration.

Today the market of somatotropins (also called growth hormone) is represented by a large number of different drugs. And the best of them is considered to be Jintropin, not only in China, where the production area is located, but throughout the rest of the world. There are a number of facts related to the production of growth hormone, which deserve attention. The company designed and manufactured Jintropin works closely with government agencies. Composition and manufacturing technology of Jintropin is a state secret in China, so far not revealed by anyone.

What is Jintropin?

And yet what is Jintropin? Let's look at this issue. Jintropin is a biosynthetic DNA-recombinant growth hormone producing by genetic engineering technology. It's produced by bacteria Escherichia coli. For this purpose growth hormone gene is introduced into their DNA. In the course of its life activity such bacteria in addition to the secretion of growth hormone release and extraneous protein compounds. The human body perceives such compounds as foreign and begins to fight with them in the event of their introduction. Therefore, growth hormone in the final stage of production is thoroughly cleaned. The purer the drug, the greater its effectiveness.

Jintropin amino acid structure is absolutely identical to the growth hormone, which is released in the human body. It has numerous positive effects on the body. Here are just a few of them:

  • Activation of the growth of muscle and other tissues.
  • Increase in the rate of metabolism.
  • Strengthening the bone structure.

Compared with androgens and anabolic steroids, which also speeds up the growth of muscle mass, samatropin has many advantages. Thus, when using AAS the process of hypertrophy (cell tissue growth) begins to occur rapidly, and the administration of growth hormone accelerates hyperplasia (increase in cell number). As a result, after the end of the use of steroids the rollback process may occure and a part of the muscle mass may be lost. A fiber by somatropin will not disappear and will continue to grow.

Somatropin accelerates the synthesis of protein structures, delays substances in the body such as phosphorus, potassium and sodium, and normalizes cholesterol.

Growth hormone also accelerates the regeneration of tissue (including cartilaginous). Increases the density and strength of bone tissue, normalizes the rate of mineralization. This is a very important quality for athletes involved in power sports. Through the use of growth hormone, the risk of various types of injuries is greatly reduced.

Somatotropin has another important feature that is useful for not only athletes, but also ordinary people who take care of their health. It speeds up the fat burning process. Also its administration helps to rejuvenate the body.

Purchase Jintropin online

Buy Jintropin in online store is very simple. All you need is is to select the way you place an order. You may:

  1. Place an order directly on the website.
  2. Call the hotline (8-800-775-98-79).
  3. Request a call back.
  4. Send an email to
  5. Contact via the feedback form on the site.

We purchase all the products presented on the site directly from the manufacturers. You can check the originality of the goods at the official websites of manufacturers using security codes printed on the packaging. During transportation and storage all the necessary rules are observed so we are confident in the quality of goods available to us. If you have any claim to the result of medications purchased from us we are willing to refund you. As proof required to provide the results of the examination of the goods of improper quality.

Purchase Jintropin with delivery

Here you can buy Jintropin with delivery to any region of the Russian Federation. Delivery is carried out by transport companies and the Russian Post (1st class of origin). Express delivery is available in Moscow. Self-pickup is possible . You determine the most suitable variant of receiving your order. There also a number of ways to pay for it.

Purchase Jintropin with delivery to the regions

If you plan to buy Jintropin with delivery to any country of the world, we recommend you to add a cold accumulator to your order. It helps to maintain the required temperature for a long period and well suited for the delivery of goods to remote regions of Russia. 

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