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Many people are willing to become stronger, younger and more beautiful…How to achieve that? They use several kinds of growth hormones, such as: Hygetropin, Jintropin и Ansomon. Although there are other GHs, we’ve listed the most popular hormones. Among all the GHs mentioned only Jintropin is available in a drug store. But right now we’d rather focus on Hygetropin, which is equally effective.

What is growth hormone Hygetropin 100 ME?

Let`s briefly answer this question (none is interested in sophisiticate scientific stuff – the easier the better). Hygetropin 100 ME is a synthetic 191 amino acid sequence identical to the human growth hormone and naturally produced by the pituitary gland. Being identical to the original human growth hormone, Hygetropin is no risk that your body produces antibodies rejecting it.

Hygetropin comes in boxes of 100 IU. Although there are other types of packing, currently we have only ones of 100 units. Every box consists of 10 vials. Each vial has 10 IU of Hygetropin in powder form. To buy Hygetropin 100 IU in Moscow, please, call  +7 (926) 697 70 15 or send your request to the e-mail address: . Of course, you can make a purchase without leavin Ezhi Biz website by adding a necessary product to a cart and following a one minute order registration procedure.

For using Hygetropin you need insulin syringes. We recommend standard 1 ml U-100. Buying insulin syringes in a drug store is not always possible, as there are simply not in stock. That`s why for your convenience we offer them in our store.

What is the effect of Hygetropin growth hormone?

We will answer this question briefly and comprehensively. The main effect of Hygetropin is anabolic; also it is often used by women for burning fat. We can`t but mention that this growth hormone strengthens the conjunctive tissue, tendonand cartilage, thereby significantly increasing your strength! The course of Hygetropin should be lined up with your aims. To lose fat 4 – 8 IU a day is enough. Hygetropin for bodybuilding is frequently used by many athletes, the dosage starts from 8 to 10 IU a day. The dosage regimen of Hygetropin also varies: each day, 5 days a week (2 day-offs), or every second day.

No matter which place you are, you can buy Hygetropin any day or time in our store. Since we esteem our reputation, buying from us guarantees that you get an original and quality Hygetropin. To make sure that you product is not fake, remove the protective code on the packaging and enter a number on the manufacturer’s website.

We can ship our products to any place within 24 hours after receiving money. Payment methods and shipping details are discussed individually.

Discover a purer growth hormone Jintropin.

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