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Gainer - what is it? Many people that are curious about these food additives know what is, but we will still cover it in brief.

Gainer is a blend consisiting of both carbohydrates (50-70%) that provide you with the energy and proteins (15-40%) that nourish your muscles with the necessary amino acids after extensive training.

You can buy Gainer on our website. You should take this additive right after workout. Simply mix several measuring scoops of gainer with milk, juice or water in your shaker ‑ a cocktail with the necessary amout of carbohydrate and protein is ready!

It is possiblte to order Gainer in Moscow or Saint Petersburgh, also in any other city of Russia on the website of our e-store High-quality of the products we offer, low prices and lighting-fast won`t let you stay indifferent.

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