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Arnold Iron Mass (8 lb)

Reference arnold-iron-mass-8-lb
Manufacturer MusclePharm
Weight 8 lb / 3620 грамм
вес товара
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We present you with a product developed by the Muscle Pharm company specialists in conjunction woth famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Iron Mass  ‑ is a high quality  Gainer, promoting  the ultimate muscle gain and minimizing fat one. Arnold Iron Mass  is composed of five basic ingredients: 

  • Proteins (Beef protein and Lactoferrin) transfer to an organism a full spectrum of amino acids necessary for quality muscle building.
  • Complex carbonhydrates provide an organism with energy necessary for an active growth and muscle tissue recovery.
  • Muscle growth activators – metabolically active substances stimulating anabolic processes in an organism (Creatine, BCAA, Glycine, Ribose).
  • Saturated fat – is used for producing hormones that regulate processes of muscle tissue growth and recovery.
  • Enzymes and fiber – improve Iron Mass absorbtion and overall digestion (Lactase, Protease, Lipase, Amylase and etc).

Such a rich composition provides an excellent muscle gain, fast muscle recovery without gaining fat.

Arnold Iron Mass instruction.  

To prepare one portion of  Arnold Iron Mass intermix two measure spoons  (95 g) of the Gainer with 400 ml of water. Stir the mixture thoroughly. Consume between basic meals as an addition to your daily ration before of after work out. The number of portion per day is determined by your personal needs.

Arnold Iron Mass review.

Athletes that take Arnold Iron Mass give exceptionally positive feedback on it: indeed, Iron Mass promotes solid muscle gain. Iron Mass is well-digested. It doesn’t affect the digestion process and cause any discomfort.  It tastes pretty good. Iron Mass quality is as high as of the rest of Muscle Pharm production. It is easily dissolved without lumps. 

Buy Arnold Iron Mass. Buy Arnold Iron Mass – the joint product of Muscle Pharm company and ex-governer of California Arnold Schwarzenegger in our store for a very attractive price! Courier delivery service is available for Moscow, shipping ‑ for the other regions of Russia. Customer pick-up is also possible.

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