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Arnold Iron Mass

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Manufacturer MusclePharm
Weight 5 lb / 2300 грамм
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Arnold Iron Mass is a revolutionary Gainer from “Arnold Series” line created by the Muscle Pharm company specialists with participation of a bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Two main aims of Iron Mass development were as follows: quick gaining muscles and preventing excessive fat what is typical of the other liners. Iron Mass is composed of five substance fractions, specialized in distinctive functions. Complex carbohydrates provide body with energy necessary for long-term muscle gain. Protein fraction being a hydrolysate of beef protein and testosterone provide body with a full spectrum of all the necessary amino acids and peptides for rigid and quality muscle construction. Saturated fat fraction participates in various hormones production that regulate muscle growth and sustain a high level of anabolic processes. Muscle growth fraction comprises metabolically active additives necessary for active muscle and cell growth (Creatine, Glycine, BCAA and etc). Enzyme and fiber blend improves digestion and gastrointestinal tract absorbtion (Lactase, Lipase, Protease, Amylase and etc). Due to such a rich compostion Iron Mass perfectly fulfills its functions: supplies body with a full spectrum of necessary elements for complete recovery, promotes muscle gain and maintaining high anabolic level without excessive fat accumulation.

Iron Mass instruction.

To prepare one portion of Iron Mass dissolve two measure spoons of  the product in 400 ml of water. Consume between basic meals before or after training.  The quantity is up to your personal needs. Beware that Iron Mass is only an additive to the basic ration of an athlete.

Iron Mass review.

Athletes that take Iron Mass leave exceptionally positive feedback on this product. Iron Mass indeed provides solid “meat” gain. It tastes great. Fully and easily dissolves in water and doesn`t form lumps. Perfectly absorbed and digested.

Buy Iron Mass.

We urge you to buy the product of Muscle Pharm company, created in participation of the very “Iron Arny” in our store Buy Iron Mass and let your body make real progress!!! Courier delivery service is available for Moscow, shipping ‑ for the other regions of Russia. Customer pick-up is also possible.

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