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Ansomone 4ME

Reference Ansomone 4ME
Manufacturer Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co
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‘What is Ansomone?’ ‑ is a very popular question. We`ll speak in brief about thi medication. Ansomone is a kind of sterile, lyophilized formulation of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (HGH) with 191 amino acids. It is derived from  E.coli molecules with amino acid sequence and three-dimension structure, therefore it is identical to the natural growth hormone. Ansomone /Ansomone 4IU is manufactured y Ankebio in various sizes:

  • 2 IU/vial
  • 4 IU/vial
  • 4,5 IU/vial
  • 6 IU/vial
  • 10 IU/vial
  • 16 IU/vial

In Russia the most popular are vials for 10 IU and 4 IU.

Ansomone course:

Dependent on your objectives there are several courses of Human Growth Hormone. Used for injury, burn and various kinds of trauma healing, body rejuvenation, also used by people who have growth issues. Year by year our body produces less Growth Hormone, that`s why GH is widely popular with those over 30.  It`s not a secret that everyone wants to look beautiful and young no matter how old they are. That is why Ansomone is widely applied in sports. Athletes have grown to like it, as it is not shown during doping control tests, and the results won`t take long. We`ll mention again that Ansomone is prescribed differently, and the course varies according to the goals: 2-5 IU per day for rejuvenating effect, up to 5 IU per day for fat burning, 5-10 IU per day for anabolic effect.

Ansomone price:

various types of Growth Hormones costs may vary. It depends on several factors like different degree of GH purification, product originality or fakeness, brand and so on. We strongly recommend you not to deal with little-known Grwoth Hormone brands and not to chase for low prices.Ansomone is overpriced in many stores. On our website you can find out more about the medication prices. If you areinterested in wholesale, please, contact us via email address:

Ansomone originality:

If you doubt the originality of the medication, you may check it yourself on the official Ankebio site (Ansomone manufacturer) during a meeting (for Moscow only) or take one package and run all the necessary tests. We guarantee that all the medications in our store are original.  Ansomone purchased from us will pass any originality test. For any questions, please, contact us via email or call: +7 (926) 697 70 15. Get Stronger, Younger and much more Beatiful ogether with EzhiBiz.

We laso recommend you Ansomone of another size (10 IU).

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